Wednesday, May 4, 2011

imagine & orange

This past weekend I got home from the Orange Conference, put on by the ReThink group, in Atlanta GA.  What a way to spend 6 days!  2 days in a car, through 4 states and 11 hours, with 3 other women!  AND we all love Jesus.  I had an amazing time.

Before we left, Jason and I took Jerek to the Imagination Station in down town Toledo.  We thought it would be a great way to spend our last day together before my trip.

It was fun.

We got drenched.

It poured and poured and we refuse to pay 7 bucks for valet parking, so we walked 2 blocks, in the rain, with a broken umbrella.  We pitched the umbrella in the bathroom trash can . . .

I just wanted to mention this as a disclaimer for my unruly locks.  I look like a wild child!  But it was fun.

 In the wind tunnel:

 Conked out!

So, the next day I left for Orange at like 6:30 in the morning.  Orange is a huge ministry conference.  I took 5 classes on Wednesday plus the first large session, 2 on Thursday and Friday with 2 main sessions both of those days as well.  My brain was mush by lunch on Wednesday!

God taught me so much and I was so challenged as a Christian, a wife and mother, and a ministry worker.  My heart is so excited by all I learned and by all the changes I want to make so that my 3-6 yr olds will leave my class and really be changed for Jesus.  How precious is the job that I have been given.  That God has entrusted me with an hour a week to speak the truth and love of His word into the hearts of tender children!  They are the church and they need a solid foundation of God's word and his love so that the church will carry on in truth and true worship.

So, here are some pictures and I swiped some video from some guy on youtube because his audio is WAAAY better then mine!

The "Awful House" HAHA

The Conference Center and Gewinett Arena

 speaker guy, did the intros every day

the band that did a concert for us Wed. night

What Orange is all about:

To the volunteers:


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