Friday, July 22, 2011

thirty one national conference

July 13-16th, Columbus, OH

My ride canceled on me the week before conference and so I thought maybe God was telling me to stay home.  We were having difficulties figuring out a babysitting kid-sitting (Jerek says he is no longer baby and does not need to be babysat) schedule.

My director called me with a ride that wasn't leaving until late Thursday morning, kid-sitters fell into place, and I got my bag packed the night before.

Worship with Scott Monroe

 My Group

Took a class with this lady, she is awesome!

The new product line.

Next year conference is in Atlanta, I plan on going as a director!

Oh, and here is my 11 week picture, taken at conference:

Monday, July 11, 2011

My last post, over a month ago, was inspired by the news that we are [FINALLY!] expecting Baby Beamon #2!

 4 1/2 weeks
 6 weeks
7 weeks 
 8 weeks
 9 weeks
10 weeks