Thursday, May 19, 2011

doctor jerek and doctor jolie

I have been watching my cousin's daughter a couple days a week for the last month.  I had to run out yesterday, so my mom came over to help Jason (who is AGAIN laid off) watch the kids.  She had the genius idea of getting out the stuffed animals and playing vet.  She called me while I was in town and asked me to buy a doctor kit.  This is what they did, LITERALLY, all day.

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  1. We had so much fun for HOURS! We pretended that I was the lady who brought in the sick animal, and they were the vets that fixed them up. I knocked on the door, and came in with a dog with a broken leg, a cat with a broken tail, a fish that wasn't swimming, a hedgehog that gave birth to two babies, a dragon that got wounded in battle, a circus elephant with a broken trunk, etc. etc. I wish you could have seen Jolie's eyes light up when I pulled out my purse and "paid" her with a real dollar bill!! She thought she was going to get to keep it!! LOL! Thanks so much for bringing us the doctor bag, bandaids, and gauze. However, the kids were just as happy using toilet paper, tape, tissues, Q-tips, and toilet roll tubes for casts until you arrived. What a FUN memory-making day!