Monday, December 27, 2010

a Christmas for 3

This was our first Christmas, just the three of us.

It was wonderful!  We actually had to wake Jer up at 9 to get him to open his presents.  The poor kid hadn't seen his pillow before 11 three nights in a row!  Once he finally woke, he s l o w l y opened each gift.  We had to prod him to rip the paper!  Jerek received gifts from Santa and Rudolph this year . . . out of the blue he became obsessed with Rudolph and was more excited about him coming to drop off gifts then Santa!

We also celebrated Christmas with my parents on Christmas Eve.  My sister and her boyfriend (and their dog) joined us from Atlanta.  We had a great night of eating, opening gifts, and playing.

Christmas with Jason's parents was Christmas day.  We left our house around 11:30, snacked quick, and then opened gifts with his parents, 3 brothers, grandfather, and a brother's girlfriend.  Then, lots of family showed up to eat and play with the new Wii.

We had such a blessed and joyful Christmas.  We couldn't have asked for much more!

Friday, December 17, 2010

a little bit of Christmas fun

We have been extremely busy, getting ready for Christmas, at home, at church, and with family.  Last weekend was jammed packed with 3 Christmas parties, a baby shower I hosted, church, and a beautifully terrifying snowstorm.  One of the parties was the annual Beamon Christmas party that the in-laws always hold.  Below are some pictures.  We had a ton of fun.

I also finished another baby sweater yesterday.  Pictures will be uploaded soon as well as pictures of the almost finished baby sweater for Bethany and the hat!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

One Month Later

My, what a busy month.  Went straight through November without posting.  I subbed quite a bunch, we were much busier over Thanksgiving because my dad came to town, busy with church, lots of 31 parties.  BUSY!  I also got some knitting done.  A sweater for my cousin Kate, which I neglected to get a picture of, a hat, and more work on Bethany's sweater and hat set.  I also finished that hat over Thanksgiving.

We also got to put our very first Christmas tree as a family of three!  Having lived with the in-laws for the past 3 1/2 years, our Christmases were always celebrated with them and we never had our "own" tree.  This year we got an almost brand new one, for only $10 from a friend, bought the decorations and lights on sale and spent the day after Thanksgiving decorating!

 Jerek decided that decorating was boring and just ate the candy canes for awhile!
 Lighting the tree MY way; every branch wrapped.  
It took forever, but it turned out beautiful!

Happy Family!