Wednesday, October 13, 2010

frog, rip-it

Stitches are too far apart using the size 9s for the 1x1 border.  I am going to make another swatch in 1x1 rib and use smaller needles.  Figure out how many stitches I need to equal 19 inches, cast on, knit the border (not sure how big I am going to make it yet) and then decrease the stitches to get them back down to 96 for the body.

I took some measurements of a newborn size jacket my friend (Bethany's SIL) has for her baby girl.  Although, it is newborn, she says her daughter still swims in it, so I figured I could add a 1/2-1 inches to those measurements.  I took bottom to armpit measurements and sleeve measurements.  Hopefully these will work out.

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