Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Busy, busy, busy week last week.  Subbed Tuesday through Thursday, which we were so thankful for, but sheesh, I didn't get anything done!  Then Friday showed up and I had to hustle to try and do some minimal cleaning and get packed for the weekend in addition to taking a trip to the zoo to see an old friend.  We spend the weekend at my hubby's grandmother's house so that we don't have to make the drive back and forth to church 4 times.  Then Saturday was a FULL day with women's Bible study in the morning, grocery shopping, a Thirty One party, and then church.  We got back to Grandma's and I crashed on the couch.  Sunday was a fun day of church in the morning, an afternoon spent with good friends, and then dinner with the in-laws.  Phew!  Needless to say, not much knitting happened.

I have also decided to stop working on Bethany's sweater and finish up Jerek's.  I have realized that 90-99% of what I have knit has been for others, not my family or myself.  So, the baby sweater is hibernating as I finish up the sleeve for Jer's sweater and then finish assembling.  I was hoping to finish it this week, but with having to sew up some dragon feet for Jer's Hallowen costume, it may wait until next week.

Here's some fun pics of week last week!

Making Pizzas

Making Scarecrow Jerek and Painting a Pumpkin

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