Monday, August 22, 2011

a peanut for the lil peanut

My dear friend's daughter celebrated her first birthday this weekend.  She is a teeny-tiny little ray of sunshine and because of her petite-ness they all call her "lil peanut".  In loo of her nick-name, they themed her birthday "Circus" and had peanuts, old circus posters, red and white stripes hanging from the ceiling to look like a circus tent, and momma even made her a little black top hat!  She had found a picture of  a knit peanut "doll" and asked if I could make one for a present for lil birthday girl.  Now, we both searched for a pattern, but neither of us could find one.  So, I had to improvise and make it up as I went!  I personally loved how it turned out, super cute and a little whimsy.

To my dear peanut,
I love you so much sweet baby!
And although you are not really mine, I love you like you are.
Life would be less without you and I am so thankful that God has give you to us!

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