Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Checking his foot. . . .

We had a follow-up appointment today for Cullen's foot.  Dr. Li removed his cast, pulled off the cotton and looked at his incision and pin.  Ugh, the pin made my inside squeemy.

She said everything looked good.  Wiggled the pin around a little bit.  Cullen started crying, sobbing when she did that.  It broke my heart.

We chose a nice red cast for his final cast.  Dr. Li said it was a great color for the holidays.  My husband promptly told her it was for OSU!

I am not looking forward tot he pin removal in two weeks.  Dr. Li is hopeful and expectant that it will literally just fall out on it's own.  But after seeing how Cullen cried from her just touching it, I am not as hopeful.  I can't wait to give him a bath, though!  So, the cast must come off, the pin must come out.  It is one more step towards his foot healing.

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