Monday, January 17, 2011

Jack Phillip

What a wonderful weekend!

We spent most of Saturday with some good friends of ours, the Rex's.  Jason did some electrical work for them and I chit chatted with Lynn all afternoon.  Such a great time of fellowship.

I finished the hand-dyed sweater for the Rex's son, Dawson.  I love it!  The color is awesome and the cabling up the front gives it a little something special.

On Sunday we got the news that our good friends Bethany and Ryan were finally having their baby!  Little Jack Phillip was born yesterday at 4:29 pm.  He was a tiny 6 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long.  Mom did an incredible job and both are doing great.  We went up last night to see the little peanut.  What a sweet little face.  AND I can officially name my sweater!  The pattern for Jack's Hooded Sweater will be up soon.  I need to do a little tweaking to the pattern.  Bethany is our professional photog and has already said she will be doing newborn pics of Jack in his sweater.  Once she gets those up, I will get permission and swipe one for my album!

Next, up?  Another of those 5 hour Fran's Hooded Sweaters in some sweet Bernat baby bubbles with blues and greens.  The baby knitting never ends. . . I can't wait for the day when all the baby knitting is for MY baby, le sigh, someday, just not today!

Finally on Friday, I started organizing and decorating our living room.  Here are the before pics.  I am not quite finished yet.  So after pics to come!

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